About Teri Kidz Sale

Teri Kidz Sale is the original and largest kidz consignment sale held in the Lake Norman area since 1999.

TKS Charity Give Back


Allyson Parker is Robert & Teri Julian's oldest daughter. Allyson ran to Heaven to be with Jesus on October 30, 2020, after having a seizure that led to cardiac arrest. Teri Kid Consignment Sale, a seasonal pop-up kids consignment sale, selects a charity to bless each sale. We are excited to announce that all future charity selections will be made by the Julian Family - Teri Julian, Allyson's mom, the previous owner of Teri Kidz Sale, will use "Love Like Allyson" to keep Allyson's memory alive!

For this sale, Love Like Allyson chose Mooresville Kindness closet

The Mooresville Kindness Closet

The Mooresville Kindness Closet is committed to lessening the financial strain on those having a hard time making ends meet by providing basic household and hygiene items not covered by government assistance, no questions asked.