Salisbury, NC

1935 Jake Alexander Blvd, Salisbury, NC
(West End Plaza Event Center - Old JCP)

$15 | Shop With Our Consignors Presale Pass

Dates: TBD

This pass lets you in to shop the EARLIEST if you are not a Helper or a Consignor.

We LOVE kids! However, ONLY 12mos & under breastfed babies and kids 12 years or older are allowed at the Friday presale (no additional pass needed) Please keep your kids with you at all times.

$10 Presale Pass

Dates: TBD

This pass lets you shop the earliest on Saturday, before we open to the public! Tickets available 30 days prior to the event.

Hero Presale Pass

Dates: TBD

Please register if you are someone’s HERO.

  • All medical staff
  • All school staff
  • All emergency
  • All restaurant staff
  • All military (past or present)
  • All foster care
  • Basically anyone!

Registration is required for each person attending the presale! You will receive an email “subscription confirmed” This is your pass for entry.

Please only register if you are planning to attend. Tickets are LIMITED and we always sell out! If you do not come another family misses out on the early shop opportunity.

Any questions please send me an email!

General Admission Public Sale Days No tickets required

Join us for our general admission public sale days! There is no fee to enter on any of the public sale days--stop by the LAST day of the sale for up to 50% most items!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about coming to a Teri Kidz Sale!

Become a Helper and shop first!

Teri Kidz Sale LOVES and appreciates our TKS Helperz. It takes many hands to make Teri Kidz Sale run smoothly, and we couldn’t do it without you!

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